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March 7, 2007
g'day from downunder .. I and my surfing buddy steve were regulars in your bar way back in 1979. We were living at Huntington, but preferred the "coldest beer in the world" and the stunning view at Blackies, not to mention the characters that frequented your great pub.

There were some aussie construction workers there at the time, they had fake green cards and had actually managed to set up their own building business they offered us a job - at that stage we both wanted to take the oath and remain in California. But owing to travel commitments, we declined. I ended up as a news anchor for a tv network back in Australia, but have never forgotten those great days. I took my family back in the mid nineties - had a beer or two and checked the surf from the front windows. So I am overdue for a visit. My old Blackies T-shirt is in tatters - how can i get another to wear proudly at the surf beaches in Oz - maybe even on the telly!

best wishes and cheers, wish i was there now. John Riddell Adelaide South Australia.

March 1, 2007
OMG..... your still in business...my last visit was 1973, i can still remember that you had the coldest beer in the world. It still seems like it was just yesterday....well the red t-shirt i bought that day i still have ,its still hangin on my back by a few threads..its always been my fav t-shirt...its been worn everywhere...well its time to get a new one....ive told all my friends i wanna go to my dirt nap with the Blackies T on my back....i got a good feeling they will comply with my last wishes, but im hoping i can wear this next one out to.....HAIL TO BLACKIES....Steve in AZ

February 24, 2007
No visit to So Cal is complete without a visit to Blackie's. I was introduced to Blackie's by a local somewhere around 1996 and have not missed a year where I have stopped in at least once. I live in Indiana and wear out my Blackie's tee shirts of which I always buy when visiting. Great bar year round, however going there on a warm sunny Saturday is the best. Lots of people watching, in and out of the bar. I can't wait til the next time I get to go there...looking at my schedule, should be March 2, 2007... what luck!!!!

September 16, 2006
dear old friends at blackies, I used to travel to your beautiful Newport area on bus. and I always had a few cold ones at blackies where it felt like home.I am a lifelong surfer and fisherman so I kinda fit in well I guess as much as a New yorker can anyway, but you guys were always nice and I am a very generous tipper so it all worked out. To cut to the chase, as a captain I,ve collected some pretty cool photos of working vessels in heavy seas and fishing action shots and one of the coolest disaster photos I ever saw was right there on Blackies wall "* the wreck of the Mojo*",I hope that the photo is still there, and really hope that someone would be kind enough to do a little research as to its origin and get back to me hopefully with a way to obtain a copy or print of the shot somehow? I have searched upi, and as several years later I am still thinking about it I figure I gotta track it down somehow , i also would like to buy some hats and fleeces if you would be so kind as to call or e-mail me back and thank you for all of your courtesy.
captain pat ryan

August 22, 2006
Saw a guy here in the Indy area with a Blackies shirt and thought of you. I used to come in with a friend from work ( Jimmy Jones) in the 70’s
-Greg Stanfill
Danville, Indiana

August 15, 2006
We love Blackies, we first found it back in the late 80's when we started going to Newport Beach with our kids. Now that the kids are grown my husband and I still go every time we are in newport Beach. We are going to be there on November 11, 2006 to spend the day before we leave for our cruise to Mexico. See you all there!
-Tim and La Wauna
Las Vegas, NV

July 10, 2006 11:33am
Hi...I discovered Blackies in 1972. I was visiting my friends in the SoCal band, HONK. I love Blackies....so laid back..great people....I stop in for a cool one or three everytime I'm in Orange County...
Hi to Roger !!
-Tim Crofford
Phoenix AZ

May 22, 2006 6:19pm
Hey Les, Its great to know after being away for 18 years. That somethings DON'T CHANGES ! My brother Dave and THE COLDEST BEER IN Newport Beach with LES at the front door ! THANKS FOR A GREAT SATURDAY 5/20/06.
-Tom Scott

February 14, 2006 4:29pm
I live in Colorado now and was talking to some friends about the beach were me and friends use to hang out Then I thought and said hey Blackies, then I looked your store up on the web and there you are. Great to see you are still in business and seeing your web site brings back old memories from the early 80's when we hung out and watched the girls go by !! whew those were the days. Thanks for the good memories.
-Bob Grogan
Durango, Colorado.
a.k.a. Rosemead Alumni.

February 3, 2006 11:37am
a place to be yourself and relax amoungst friends and fellow sun worshipers...as well as enjoying a nice cold one....these are my favorite times at Blackies...seeing my good friends Fred, Les and Mike...serving up the firedog with chili and a nice cold Miller Lite....my first experience at Blackies was in 1979 and been a faithful contributor since...in 2000, my company moved to the Inland Empire, thus changing my lunch schedule...but still find the time on the weekends to bike ride on the strand and stop by for a friendly chat. The good news is that we are moving back to Irvine in June, 2006, so I welcome back an old lunch affair. My wife and I got our first tatoo's after a few cold ones to celebrate our 50th birthdays together. Since my friends across the continent and the seas come by on a frequest basis, I always have them come on down to the best watering hole...
-Billy & Bobbie

December 26, 2005 2:32pm
As I wrap-up another Fantasy Football Season and enjoy my holidays, my mind drifted to thoughts of checking out your Blackie's-By The Sea website for shits & grins. It has actually been about 10 years since I once visited Blackie's - By The Sea and Newport Beach where we tossed back a few cold brews, and enjoyed our little California beach holiday circa 1995. Well, I just thought I'd let you know that we had a great time at Blackie's back then and so I decided to carry the legend of BLACKIE'S with me that year by naming my Fantasy Football Team: BLACKIE'S ! Most importantly, I am even proud to say that back in that very first year that our fantasy football league was actually in existence, BLACKIE'S won the season & took home our inaugural FFL Championship, ... yeah baby! So, I think the real morale here is that Blackie's Beer is cold. It's a fun, friendly place on the beach front to go when in Newport Beach; you've got to stop by Blackie's By The Sea & toss back a few cold ones! You must. Happy Holidays!
-Michael Krueger

December 17. 2005 10:20 Eastern Standard Time...
Yes that's right Eastern Standard time. So I am sitting here watching "Into the Liquid" for the 10th time on cable. The most beautiful tribute to surfers all around the world. It brings thoughts of Blackies straight into my heart. Yes Blackies is the best bar in the world. When your at the end of the bar shooting pool and sipping a cold beer watching the Sun melt into the Pacific ocean and dusk sets in and you realize at that time that Blackies is the eisel on which this incredible portrait is painted.... What a wonderful peice of Southern California. Blackies is always the first place I go when I come back home to California. Thanks Louis.
See you soon...
-Mike Trebilcott
Okemos, Michigan

December 04, 2005 10:25 PM
When I'm not thinking about Beer, I think about Blackie's. In 1975, my high school counselor would take us to the beach and sneak into Blackies; he became a role model for incorrigible teenage boys. I was XX when I had my first Beer in Blackie's (don't tell Les)., I was bodybuilding and tanning in front of Blackie's with my tanning mentor, Wild Bill. He was about 70 and he taught me the secrets to getting a great tan. First set up your folding recliner with beach towel, go into Blackie's and have 2 beers. Return to recliner and tan for 2 hours, repeat steps 1 and 2 until tan is complete. Then, I got lost in the world and worked several passing jobs until I was offered a job by Les himself. What could be better than working in the best Bar in the world? Well, then Les went on vacation and I met Fred. He was the retiring partner of Chuck and Les would be taking his job. I got a crash course in Fred-o-nomics. He would stand at the door all day smoking a cheap cigar while I made all the sandwiches, tended bar and washed all the glasses. Then, at the end of the day, he would come behind the bar and take half of all my tips, telling me this was how it's done of course. So, I quit quick and lucky for me, when Fred left and Les returned, I got my job back and the rest is history. I only tended bar there from 1981 until 1983, but the friends and contacts I made, stay with me for a lifetime. You can't go far in this world without someone noticing you in a Blackie's T-Shirt and remarking how cold the beer is and how much they miss Blackie's and can't wait to return. I even received a postcard from Australia when I worked there. It was simply addressed "John at Blackie's, Newport Beach" and it came right to me. What am doing now? I have carried on in the tradition of Blackie's and opened many bars, currently running one now for 15 years. I hope someday I could do as well and make as many people happy as my Pop, Les Bobbitt has done for 30 years. Until then, see you at Blackies.
-John Watson

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